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Things to see and do at Disney's Epcot

Epcot is perhaps the most surprising and entertaining theme park in central Florida. If you are looking for a day of thrill seeking rides then leave Epcot for another time. Then again, if you want a day at a slightly slower pace with an unbelievably diverse range of things to see and do, it's perfect.

The entrance to Epcot is a little more straight forward than getting to the Magic Kingdom. If driving yourself, once you have parked the car you simply walk to the entrance and after the usual bag search you are through the turnstile and right in front of you is the famous Space Ship Earth. If you arrive before 11am you are restricted to certain areas of the park - you cannot go around the World Showcase (this is where you can visit pavilions themed on lots of different countries) so for the first couple of hours everything is focused on the Futureworld area, with large shops and rides. This is where you can ride Test Track, Mission Space, Space Ship Earth, Soarin', Figment, and Honey I Shrunk the Audience. There's more than enough to keep you amused until the World Showcase opens!

The World Showcase is set around a large lagoon that you can walk all the way around. You can visit each country's pavilion which usually has entertainment, food and shopping themed to that specific country. The people working in each pavilion are usually from that country too which is a nice touch. It is not a place to rush around at a mad pace but somewhere to amble; soaking up all the different atmospheres of the countries - and having a glass of wine in France or a cold beer in England!!

There is no afternoon parade at Epcot but there is a firework display every evening. As you can stand anywhere around the lagoon to see them, you are pretty much guaranteed a good view. In the summer these fireworks usually start at 9.00 so are easier to keep little ones awake for than the Magic Kingdom display which usually begins at 10.00.

All in all Epcot is a great park to visit to slow things down but still having a day of full entertainment. In fact, you'll need much more than a day!

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